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Where did the idea for the Best Best Man Speech website come from? close

One of our friends was having a hard time writing a speech.  We offered to help if he brought us a couple of drinks. He really liked what we did for him - so we thought we would create a way for best men everywhere to buy us a drink and get a ready made speech.

How come I get two speeches? close

We wanted to give you two options; a simple brief speech that would be suitable for any wedding, and a longer, funnier speech.  Both speeches are personalised with your information. 

What if I want to add or delete? close

You get your final speeches in a Word document so you can add or delete as you wish.  And if you want to write your own speech but you are just looking for some ideas, our two Speech Creator speeches will give you an excellent format and some ideas you can use to write your own speech.

What happens if I don't like the speech? close

As you go through the first few steps you will get a preview  so you can get an idea of what you will get.  If you don't like the final speeches, you will still have a useful format and a whole range of ideas that you can use to craft a speech that works better for you.