What is the "Speech Creator"?

The Speech Creator is an online speech writer.  It takes you through a simple step-by-step process - and at the end of it, it delivers you two custom-made speeches!

How is it customised?

We will give you options to choose from at each stage of the speech.  You can look at those options, and choose the one you think works best. 

How will I know if I will like what I get?

You will get a free preview after the first few steps.  That will give you an idea of how the speech will come together. Then at each stage, you can choose the option you like best. 

What sort of information do I have to provide?

The Speech Creator will ask you to 'fill in the gaps' with the names of the groom and the bride - and then make some simple choices.

What do I get at the end?

You'll get two speeches.  One is light and funny and about four or five minutes long. The other is simple and heartfelt, and about two or three minutes long. You can use whichever speech you prefer, or mix and match, or use your Speech Creator speech as a basis for writing your own speech.

What is the cost?

The cost is US$9.99.  That's about what we think it would cost you to have a few drinks with our speechwriter as he works out some ideas with you.

...everyone was in stitches. The material on this site is fantastic.

Simon, London